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The World Tree, also known as Alicia, is Maple World's Transcendence of Life and is the source of life itself.


Long ago, the Black Mage tried to rob the World Tree of her powers, but she escaped and retreated to the Root Abyss to recuperate. However, she was found by a commander of the Black Mage, Damien, who sent his generals to taint the area in order to keep her trapped inside. After the Alliance found her, they realize that something is keeping the World Tree at bay despite all the methods of escape being used. After defeating Damien's generals, the World Tree requests to see the world, since she has been underground for so long and has not been able to see the surface. However, the Alliance convinces her to rest in Ereve, as they both know she will be safer there. Upon arriving, the World Tree disappears into Shinsoo's crown jewel.

In the future, Cygnus was overly obsessed with the World Tree and sought to find it. She eventually did, but it was actually a trap laid by the Black Mage. Cygnus and her knights became corrupted and Ereve crashed onto the surface of the world. Her forces then began to proceed in overtaking Maple World. Shinsoo of the present reassures that that is only a dream created by the Black Mage using the Dream Stones, and the future is not as depicted as it is, as Maplers from the past stopped the Cygnus from the future.


The Mysterious Girl
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Zadania w których występuje [Root Abyss] An Urgent Summons, [Root Abyss] The Mysterious Girl, [Root Abyss] Root Ruckus 1, [Root Abyss] Root Ruckus 2, [Root Abyss] The World Girl, [Root Abyss] Guardians of the World Tree, [Root Abyss] World Tree in Danger
Lokacje Colossal Root
Notatki None
World Tree
Plik:NPC World Tree.png
Function Life Spark
Zadania w których występuje [Root Abyss] Defeat the First Seal Guardian, [Root Abyss] Defeat the Second Seal Guardian, [Root Abyss] Defeat the Third Seal Guardian , [Root Abyss] Defeat the Final Seal Guardian, [Root Abyss] World Tree Rescue, Daily Root Abyss Quest
Lokacje Colossal Root
Notatki None
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