NPC Winston
Zadania w których występuje Helping the Town 2, Help the Excavation Site, The Strange Lives of Ghost Stumps, Excavation Report, Dehydrated Trees, Dehydrated Tree Branches, Stumpy the Ent, Peace for Perion, Monsters of the Excavation Site, Behind the Mask, Destructive Science 1, Destructive Science 2, Mysterious Strength, 미라 의상 만들기!, 미라 의상 만들기!!, 할로윈 사탕배달!!!, Dr. Winston's Research, Cassandra's Latest Information, Materials for the Mysterious Fabric, The Man with Perfect Memory, Temperamental Old Man, The Forgotten Tent, Strange Behavior, The Stolen Diary, The True Culprit?, Where's the Book? 4, Where's the Book? 5, Dragon Types and Characteristics (Vol. II), Betty's Teacher, Winston's Request 1, Winston's Request 2, Arcon's Blood
Lokacje Rugged Rocky Zone, East Rocky Mountain II
Notatki None
Maple Island

Maple IslandCoco Island

Victoria Island

HenesysFarmElliniaElluelPerionKerning CityThe Secret GardenLith Harbor
SleepywoodRoot AbyssNautilusEreveRienLumiere

Theme Dungeons

Mushroom CastleEllinelGold BeachRiena Strait


OrbisEl NathLudibriumKorean Folk TownAquariumLeafreKritias
Mu LungHerb TownAriantMagatiaAzwanTemple of TimeGate to the Future

Theme Dungeons

Lion King's CastleEllin ForestFantasy Theme World
Twisted Aqua RoadStone ColossusGolden Temple





Theme Dungeons

Crimsonheart Castle



World Tour

Mushroom ShrineShowa TownNinja CastleTokyo
ShanghaiMount SongShaolin Temple
XimendingNight Market
New Leaf CityHaunted HouseCrimsonwood2022 NLC
Floating Market

Mirror World

ShadowvaleZero's TempleLeafreAriantHenesysMu LungEdelsteinMagatiaLudibriumTemple of TimeKritias

Other / Event

AmoriaArdentmillFree MarketGrand Athenaeum
HappyvilleMonster ParkSpiegelmann's Guest HouseStar PlanetEvent Hall

Party Quests

Party Quest HouseSharenian RuinsAmorian Challenge
Mu Lung DojoCrimsonwood KeepTynerum AltarDimension Invasion
Alien VisitorCross World Party Quest

Removed Areas

Florina BeachKerning SquareOmega SectorChryse
Sakura CastleNeo CityBattle SquareCoke TownFight for Azwan

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