Royal Fairy
Monster Royal Fairy
Level 15 HP 250 MP 20
EXP 31 Knockback 20 Speed 0
Accuracy 0 Avoidability 1
Weapon Attack 0 Weapon Defense 0
Magic Attack 0 Magic Defense 0
Resistant to None
Weak to None
Immune to None
Equipment Drops Blinding Light, Bronze Igor, Mithril Titans, Brown Duo, Green Morrican, White Kendo Robe (Male), Purple Arianne (Female), Green Able Armor (Female), Bronze Viking Helm, Bronze Full Helm
Usable Drops Royal Fairy Familiar, Nebulite Box, Scroll for Shield for STR 100%, Scroll for Topwear for DEF 100%, White Potion, Red Potion
Etc. Drops Zebra Stripe Ticket Piece, Royal Fairy Wing
Quest Drops None
Locations Chimney Tree Top

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