[Maple Book] A Librarian's Gift
Plik:NPC Wiz the Librarian.png
Wiz the Librarian
Kategoria Title
Opis(gdy dostępna) Wiz the Librarian wants to give a secret gift to MapleStory's greatest book lover. Go talk to Wiz!
Opis(w trakcie wypełniania) Show Wiz the <Time Traveler Medal> and the <Call It a Comeback Medal>, to prove your mighty reading prowess.
Opis(po wypełnieniu) Wiz the Librarian acknowledged you as a hardcore reader of Maple World and you received the <Devourer of Words Medal>.
  1. Talk to Wiz the Librarian by clicking on the light-bulb.
  2. Obtain 1 Time Traveler Medal and 1 Call It a Comeback Medal.
  3. Talk to Wiz the Librarian again by clicking on the light-bulb.
Nagroda BasicReward
Plik:Eqp Devourer of Words Medal.png Devourer of Words Medal x 1

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