Eliminating Ghosts
NPC Hikari
  • At least Level 55
Opis(gdy dostępna) Hikari of Mushroom Shrine seems to have something to tell me. I wonder what it is...
Opis(w trakcie wypełniania) Hikari told me I have a whole bunch of Nightghosts around me. That's creepy, to say the least. I better kill off 80 Nightghosts right now.

Nightghost #a43071#
Opis(po wypełnieniu) After letting Hikari know that I've killed 80 Nightghosts, she tells me that there aren't any Nightghosts hovering around me. Phew...
  1. Talk to Hikari in Showa Town.
  2. Eliminate 80 Nightghosts.
  3. Talk to Hikari again.
Nagroda BasicReward
14,680 EXP

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