Eliminating Big Cloud Fox
Plik:NPC Mariwaka.png
Opis(gdy dostępna) The 'best-dressed' lady of Mushroom Shrine, Hanako, seems to be perturbed at something...
Opis(w trakcie wypełniania) I found Hanako enraged - it appears her newly-purchased fabric was destroyed by a pack of Big Cloud Foxes. For someone as vain as she is, this is devastating. As a result, I promised her to eliminate 80 Big Cloud Foxes for her.The things I do for friends...

Big Cloud Fox #a43051#
Opis(po wypełnieniu) Hanako seemed thankful for me eliminating 100 Big Cloud Foxes. She must have bought some new fabric already.
  1. Talk to Mariwaka in Showa Street Market.
  2. Eliminate 80 Big Cloud Foxs.
  3. Talk to Mariwaka again.
Nagroda BasicReward
8,500 EXP
Plik:Use Takoyaki (Octopus Ball).png Takoyaki (Octopus Ball) x 5

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