Riding Mimiana
Plik:NPC Kiridu.png
Kategoria Cygnus Knights
Opis(gdy dostępna) How does a fully-grown Mimiana act? I better talk to Kiridu the Mount Trainer for the answer.
Opis(w trakcie wypełniania) Kiridu told me that Mimiana may have grown quite a bit, but it's not ready to be mounted, and told me I'll need to make it stronger by feeding Mimiana with some of Kenta's Supplements. He then instructed me to go purchase Kenta's Supplements. Aren't they quite expensive?
Opis(po wypełnieniu) Kiridu handed me a mountable Mimiana and Saddle, and taught me the Monster Mount skill.
  1. Talk to Kiridu in Kiridu's Hatchery.
  2. Obtain 1 Kenta's Special Supplements.
  3. Talk to Kiridu again.
Nagroda BasicReward
Plik:Skill Monster Riding.png Monster Riding at Level 1
Plik:Etc Kenta's Special Supplements.png Kenta's Special Supplements -1
Plik:Eqp Saddle.png Saddle x 1
Plik:Eqp Mimiana.png Mimiana x 1

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