Edelstein Dispatch
Plik:NPC Neinheart.png
Kategoria Cygnus Knights
Opis(gdy dostępna) Neinheart wants to dispatch you to Edelstein. Get the details.
Opis(w trakcie wypełniania) 10 Boogies was already dispatched to Edelstein. Find her.
Go east from the town and look around Edelstein Strolling Path 1. Press W to open up the World Map if you need more info.
Opis(po wypełnieniu) You found 10 Boogies. She was having a difficult time on her own, as usual.
  1. Talk to Neinheart in Ereve.
  2. Talk to 10 Boogies at Edelstein Strolling Path.
Nagroda BasicReward
400 EXP
10,000 mesos

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