Perion icon.png Perion
Plik:Map Perion.png
Region Victoria Island Area Perion
Street Perion Return Map Perion
NPC Dimensional Mirror, Maple Administrator, Manji, Mr. Thunder, Mr. Smith, Mr. Wang, Pettite, Ayan, Coco, Blackbull, 10 Boogies, Ace of Hearts, Cassandra, Honorable Rock, Matilda, Duey, Nana, Harry, Donation Box, Pigmi the Summoner, Dalair, Etran's Information Board, Regular Cab in Victoria, Monster Park Shuttle, Lea, Maximus, Maple Admin , Maple Admin , Maple Admin , Taxi, River, Ms. Appropriation, Conor, Huey, Big Headward, Plastic Roy, Neville, 아이린, 발라리오, 윈디, 스파크
Monsters None
Reactors None
Portals Perion Southern Ridge, Perion Northern Ridge, Perion General Store, Warriors' Sanctuary, Free Market Entrance, Ardentmill
Notes This map is required to obtain the Beginner Explorer title.
This map is required to obtain the The One Who's Touched the Sky title.
Availability of Perion
Korea Japan China Global SEA Taiwan Europe
Available Available Available Available Available Available Available

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