Patrol Robot
Monster Patrol Robot
Level 14 HP 225 MP 20
EXP 24 Knockback 20 Speed -20
Accuracy 9 Avoidability 1
Weapon Attack 0 Weapon Defense 0
Magic Attack 0 Magic Defense 0
Resistant to Holy
Weak to Dark
Immune to None
Equipment Drops Ironside, Steel Igor, Bronze Igor, Battle Crossbow, Viking Sword, White Doros Robe (Male), White Kendo Robe (Male), Black Split (Female), Brown Lagger Cap, Mithril Viking Helm
Usable Drops Patrol Robot Familiar, Nebulite Box, Arrow for Crossbow, Scroll for Pet Equip. for Speed 100%, Scroll for Shield for DEF 60%, Scroll for Bottomwear for DEX 100%, Orange Potion
Etc. Drops Zebra Stripe Ticket Piece, Patrol Robot Memory Chip
Quest Drops None
Locations Strolling Path

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