MapleStory is a free, two-dimensional, side-scrolling Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game developed by Wizet and distributed by various companies. The game takes place in the "Maple World," which players must defend against monsters. As in a typical online game, players can mold their characters to their liking by increasing their abilities and skills. Interaction between users is encouraged in a variety of ways, including chatting, trading, marriage and playing minigames.

Though the game is free to play, players may purchase various enhancements and upgrades in the Cash Shop using real money converted into NX.


Players will start their journey at Maple Island when they create their character. There are many different choices when making a character. One can choose between the basic archetypes, of which are Explorers, Cygnus Knights and the Resistance. There are also other classes who don't share the same starter job, however all belong to the same category. These include the Nova classes, Kaiser and Angelic Buster, the Sengoku classes, Hayato and Kanna, and the five Heroes jobs, Aran, Evan, Mercedes, Phantom, and Luminous. Depending on what type of character one picks, one will start at different places with a different tutorial. One can choose to change or keep the default key configuration. In the tutorial stage of the game, one will learn about stats, monsters, skills, and most importantly, how to play the game. Leveling up in the beginning will be easy with the starter quests. Players can chat with others, trade, hang out, and much more. There are also Party Quests where players must play in a group, or "party", as said in the world of Maple Story, called.

In JMS and EMS, a Hardcore Mode of the game, Asbeel's World, is available for Maplers to challenge.


  • Mesos is the currency of the game. Mesos are dropped by monsters and can also be obtained through quests. You may also gain mesos by selling to shops within the game, or even to any player in the game willing to buy what you have to offer.
  • Character Statistics is the build of a character, and determines how powerful or weak a character is.
  • Quests are tasks that players are able to perform for Non-Player Characters, or NPCs, in exchange for a reward. There are many quests available to players, each having certain requirements that a player must meet before being able to start said quest.
  • Party Quests are quests that only allow a group of players in a party to complete them. This is a great way to make new friends and escape from quest grinding or training. Party Quests usually offer large amounts of experience points or useful Equipment to the players.
  • Monsters are the natural inhabitants of the Maple World. Players have to kill them to gain experience to level up, complete quests, collect items, or obtain mesos.
  • Cash Shop is a store that allows users to buy items with NX Points. These items do not need to be purchased in order to enjoy the game, however some might want to buy the items to enhance their gaming experience.
  • Auction House is introduced in RED. It allows players to auction off their items for mesos.
  • PvP is introduced in Chaos. Players are able to participate in a fight with each other, with three (four in some versions) battle modes.



Director                    Sunyoung Hwang
Lead Game design            Hyoungseon Kim
Game designer               Hoon Lee
                            Kyoungsu Kwak
                            Sungjea Lee
                            Hyejin Jeong
Lead Programmer             Kion Kim
Programmer                  Junsik Choi
                            Seunghyun Yang
                            Junki Kwon
                            Yesik Wang
                            Youngjin Choi
                            Yeon Park
                            Hanming Jung
Art Director                Yosoon Jang
Lead Graphic Designer       Hyeyoung Shin
                            Kiyeop Chung
                            Kihee Chang
Cutscene Designer           Eunah Jang
Game Art                    Jayoung Kim
                            Seunghyeon Shin
                            Seunguk Kang
                            Sunmi Lee
                            Jihyun Song
                            Haekeung Kwon
                            Hyojin Eom
                            Otsuka Maiko
                            Kato Saori
                            Sakaguchi Yuki
Coordinator                 Inkyoung Cho
Business & Marketing        Youngmi Min
                            Hyojin Kim
                            Hayoung Ryu
Lead QA                     Susung Ko
                            Jangho Jeong
Licensing Manager           Jungah Kim
                            Yoojin Oh
Game Operating Manager      Nakanishi Keita
Game Operator               Itoi Shiori
                            Koshiishi Eri
                            Yumiko Shimazu
                            Maeyama Hiroki
                            Fugita Naoko
Localization                Jiyoun Lee
Marketter                   Nei Nishino
Web planner                 Kawamura Shunsuke
Producer                    Heeyoung Lee
Director & Producer         Hanbyeol Oh
Lead System Engineer        Junyoup Kim
System Engineer             Bonghoon Jung
                            Marvin Hwang
                            Yongcheol Shin
                            Cholwoo Koh
                            Sangyun Lee
                            Seunghee Chae
Lead Contents Developer     Yikwon Hwang
Contents Developer          Jiwon Kim
                            Jaehyuk Jin
                            Sunghoon Kim
                            Hyundong Kim
                            Hyukun Kwon
                            Sangmin Lim
                            Eunpyo Hong
                            Siheon Kim
                            Yool Seong
                            Cherjae Moon
                            Hongbum Yoon
Lead Game Promotion         Minkyung Lim
Game Promotion              Nayeon Gong
                            Sangjin Park
Lead Graphic Designer       Kwanghyun Lim
Senior Graphic Designer     Yousuk Oh
                            Kyoseong Koo
                            Soyeon Mun
                            Jychul Shin
Graphic Designer            Seunghu Jo
                            Jinwon Hong
                            Keeyoung Park
                            Kyoungmin Lee
                            Sangho Park
                            Minkyu Lee
                            Dooyoung An
                            Minho Jang
                            Minhee Joo
                            Sunju Park
                            Kyunghe Lee
                            Jisung Han
                            Jihyoun Oh
                            Junhak Kim
                            Juyoung Lee
                            Youngsoo Moon
                            Jisoo You
Lead Game Designer          Sejun Go
Game Designer               Yong Shin
                            Minhee Choi
                            Kyounghee Yoo
                            Eungrai Kim
                            Jinee Oh
                            Okhyun Ko
                            Miso Lee
                            Yohan Son
                            Junhoe Kim
                            Jaekeun Shim
                            Jinhoon Lee

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