You can earn the <El Nath Mts. Explorer> title by exploring the El Nath Mts.

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Title - El Nath Mts. Explorer Explore the 10 main regions of El Nath Mts. Status: #R27011# / 10 Completed.


You have earned the <El Nath Mts. Explorer> title for exploring various places in El Nath Mts.


  1. Visit these 10 maps.
    1. Orbis
    2. The Road to Garden of 3 Colors
    3. Stairway to the Sky II
    4. Cloud Park VI
    5. Entrance to Orbis Tower
    6. El Nath
    7. Cold Field I
    8. Sharp Cliff I
    9. Forest of Dead Trees II
    10. Dead Mine IV
  2. Talk to Dalair.


  1. 1 El Nath Explorer

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