Shared SkillsEdytuj

Icon Name Type Description
Plik:Guardian Leap.png Guardian Leap Active While jumping, use the jump key to jump a certain distance.
Plik:Critter Select.png Critter Select Active Use the direction keys to select an animal mode.
Plik:Homeward Bound.png Homeward Bound Active Returns you to Arboren Ferry
Plik:Beast Scepter Mastery.png Beast Scepter Mastery Passive Required Level: 40
Plik:Growth Spurt.png Growth Spurt Passive Required Level: 60
Plik:Maple Guardian.png Maple Guardian Supportive Required Level: 120
Plik:Beastly Resolve.png Beastly Resolve Active Required Level: 150

Bear Guardian Mode SkillsEdytuj

Icon Name Type Description
Plik:Paw Swipe.png Paw Swipe Active Attacks 8 enemies 1 time. You can chain up to 3 attacks by tapping the attack key multiple times. Required Level: 10
Plik:Majestic Trumpet.png Majestic Trumpet Active The bear uses the power of nature to ignite a fire. Enemies caught in the blaze take damage. Required Level: 14, Required Bear Points: 7
Plik:Well Fed.png Well Fed Passive Required Level: 19, Required Bear Points: 15
Plik:Dumb Luck.png Dumb Luck Passive Required Level: 25, Required Bear Points: 24
Plik:Deep Breath.png Deep Breath Active Required Level: 31, Required Bear Points: 39
Plik:Fort Follow-up.png Fort Follow-Up Passive Required Level: 39, Required Bear Points: 47
Plik:Defense Ignorance.png Defense Ignorance Passive Required Level: 47, Required Bear Points: 62
Plik:Furious Strike.png Furious Strike Active + Passive Required Level: 54, Required Bear Points: 73
Plik:Bear Strength.png Bear Strength Passive Required Level: 63, Required Bear Points: 93
Plik:Really Deep Breath.png Really Deep Breath Active Required Level: 70, Required Bear Points: 105
Plik:Lil Fort.png Li'l Fort Supportive Required Level: 76, Required Bear Points: 120
Plik:Fort the Brave.png Fort the Brave Passive Required Level: 82, Required Bear Points: 130
Plik:Bear Assault.png Bear Assault Supportive Required Level: 90, Required Bear Points: 140
Plik:Fishy Slap.png Fishy Slap Active Required Level: 98, Required Bear Points: 155
Plik:Bear Reborn.png Bear Reborn Passive Required Level: 105, Required Bear Points: 175
Plik:Billowing Trumpet.png Billowing Trumpet Active Required Level: 109, Required Bear Points: 183
Plik:Table Flip.png Table Flip Active Required Level: 114, Required Bear Points: 190

Snow Leopard Guardian Mode SkillsEdytuj

To be added

Eagle Guardian Mode SkillsEdytuj

To be added

Cat Guardian Mode SkillsEdytuj

To be added

Hyper SkillsEdytuj

To be added

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