Shaolin songshan icon 嵩山镇
Plik:Mount Song Town mini.png
Region China Area 嵩山镇
Street 东方神州 Return Map 嵩山镇
BGM Plik:Shaolin songshan.ogg
NPC 倩倩, 芸萍, 如花, 沙坡朗, 金中钊, 小叶子, 丢夫人, 肤子, MapleTV27, 老马, 郑长老, Spinel, 请双击冒险TV查看官网新闻, Maple Administrator, 星缘, Maple Admin
Monsters None
Reactors 드래곤볼 용신
Portals 山腰, 山脚, Free Market Entrance
Notes None
Availability of 嵩山镇
Korea Japan China Global SEA Taiwan Europe
Unavailable Available Available Unavailable Unavailable Available Unavailable

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